Drop of Water

“Drop of water”, a collection of ceramic tea cups is inspired by the shape of a water drop. Mug handles are not glazed, which ensures a better grip, but also emphasizes the natural structure of ceramics.

White Lace

The Lace, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the region, has a very long and rich artistic tradition. Depending on the historical period, lace was used as a decorative part of clothes, towels, blankets, furniture... I have always been fascinated by its beauty, texture and airiness. White Lace Teapot has a classic, round shape, with circular perforations located on the cover. The perforations gradually pass to the body of the teapot and eventually they fully vanish. To emphasize lace pattern, as well as to achieve the unity of a circle, the teapot cover is without a handle.


I believe that the most valuable and primal aspect of our civilization is the freedom of the human spirit. The “Myein ” Series of ceramic bowls are a contemporary response to my long-term exploration of Balkan Neolithic culture and the ancient cult of the rhyton - a four-legged sacrificial vessel. The characteristics of the Neolithic rhyton, and the relationship of Neolithic people to the world around them, are viewed through the refracting "prism" of our own times and contemporary humanity. This has resulted in different surface textures as an analogy to hidden sensations and emotions impressed in the soft clay of the human psyche. My bowls are elliptical in shape, and the receptacle is set on four legs. Different textures on the interior surface (granular, scaly, linear) stand for the uniqueness of the human individual, in a safe and contained, nurturing interior space, specific and yet always different, but also open towards the outside world.